property preparation

Our Expectations

In order to showcase a property, it is recommended that the property be professionally cleaned and/or staged. Our photographers shoot as is, upon arrival. To be prepared, homeowners and agents should review the information below prior to scheduling an appointment.

Need help with property preparation? At Kent Media, we work with a team of cleaning experts to ensure your space is meticulously cared for. From basic cleaning, to complete clean-outs where nearly everything goes, our comprehensive range of services guarantees your property is primed and pristine. Trust us to transform your space into a welcoming haven, where cleanliness meets excellence. Just send email to [email protected] with a description of what is needed. Please include pictures if a large clean-out is required.



1) Provide accurate entry instructions (Lockbox combination, hidden key location, someone to be there, etc.)

2) Property should be empty if possible.

3) Open all drapes and/or blinds.

4) Turn on all interior lights and replace any dead lightbulbs.

5) Property should be cleaned. (Ask about our cleaning services!)

6) Hide personal items.

7) CLOSE rooms that are not to be scanned (I.E. Utility closets).

8) Open doors to rooms that are to be scanned.

9) Coordinate plans for pets (We will not move pets).

10) Turn off all screens, monitors, and fans.